Whether you're a Solo Entrepreneur, Home-based business or part of a larger firm, benefits are a very important part of your financial security.


The Chambers Plan creates a solid foundation for that security, based on a benefit program designed specifically for small-business owners, just like you. No business is too small, and discounts are available for Caledon Chamber members.

The Chambers Plan now offers Teladoc® telemedicine service at no additional charge to all plan members, and their dependents, who hold a Chambers Plan Extended Health Care benefit. The Teladoc® telemedicine service helps members consult with a physician about non-urgent medical matters by video conference or by phone, from wherever they are, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Your group insurance includes:

Comprehensive travel insurance
Business assistance, with access to professional accounting advice, counselling, legal and human resources experts.
Group retirement solutions for plan participants
Access to Best Doctors
Teladoc® telemedicine service
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