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BRAMPTON, ON (April 26, 2017) - Since 1998, property owners with vacant commercial and industrial buildings or land have received a property tax rebate under the Vacant Unit Rebate Program.  The Province of Ontario is now allowing municipalities flexibility to tailor the program to their needs.

Proposed Changes

The Region is proposing a gradual phase out of the vacancy rebate program. Rebate percentages will be reduced yearly and by 2020 the program will end:

  • 2017 – current rebate of 30% with some eligibility changes
  • 2018 – rebate of 20%, same eligibility as 2017
  • 2019 – rebate of 10%, same eligibility as 2017
  • 2020 – rebate of 0%, program ended

The Region will also introduce these eligibility changes in 2017:

  • An eligible vacant unit must not include any non-permanent structures (e.g., cubicle walls, removable shelving, furniture, etc.) and must not be used for any form of storage.
  • A property / unit / delineated area will not be eligible if a vacancy rebate has been provided in the last three consecutive years (i.e., 2014, 2015 and 2016 taxation years).
  • Storage units, hotels, fuel storage tanks, gravel pits, when a business is closed due to strike or lockout, or when a unit is in a fixturing period will no longer be eligible for the program.

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Haide Hall
Communication Coordinator
Region of Peel

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